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Tips for Vehicle Storage

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seasonal_vehicle_Did you know Budget offers storage for vehicles, large and small? We have the capacity, the security, and the service you need when looking to store your most valuable toys! Seasonal storage for snowmobiles, specialty cars, seadoos – you name it! 

If you plan to leave your vehicle stationary for more than a few weeks at a time, you should prepare it for storage before parking it. Use this car storage checklist to get your car, truck, van, or other vehicle ready to sit.

  1. Change the oil and filter so there aren’t any contaminants sitting in your engine while the vehicle is in storage.
  2. Top off the gas tank to keep the seals moist and reduce the chance of ethanol buildup due to condensation. You can also add fuel stabilizer, which is designed to prevent deterioration within the fuel system, and drive your car a few miles to work the stabilized fuel through all the lines.
  3. Inflate your tires to a high pressure to help prevent flat spots from developing, which is especially common at cold temperatures. This is not necessary if you plan to drive the car every few weeks. If you will leave it for a very extended period of time, jacking the car up so the tires are not bearing weight is the ideal solution.
  4. Wash your vehicle to remove debris that could damage the paint. Apply a coat of wax to protect the paint, especially if you will be storing your vehicle outside. In addition, clean out the inside of the vehicle to prevent unwanted odours from building up and reduce its attractiveness for critters.
  5. Disconnect the battery to avoid losing your charge. If you want to leave it connected, you will either need to drive the vehicle every few weeks or attach the battery to a trickle charger plugged into a wall outlet.
  6. Remove the windshield wiper blades because the rubber can stick to the windshield and leave residue.
  7. Leave the parking brake off so the brake pads do not fuse with the rotors. You can use chocks to immobilize the wheels if movement is a concern.

Come visit us to see what we can offer! Keep your driveway clear, and know that your vehicles are being taken care of!

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