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In Defence of Pack Rats: The Benefits of Keeping Physical Memories

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Everyone knows that one person whose home is uncomfortably full of ancient family heirlooms and dusty old trinkets. You may even have an underlying fear that you are slowly turning into that person the older you get. As you begin to sort through the mementos you have accumulated over the years, there needs to be some method to the madness.

Keeping your treasures organized is key!

Keeping your treasures organized is key!

Begin by differentiating between items with sentimental value, those that may have monetary worth and ones that can be disposed of or donated. Items being saved for financial purposes do not need to be on display in your home. The same goes for bulkier family heirlooms that may not fit your home during this season of life. While I’m sure you appreciate the two antique dressers left to you, that does not necessarily mean they are the best option right now for the kid’s bedroom. (A storage facility is a fantastic option for items that need to be kept but not displayed…)

Many items are kept because of sentimental value but this should not make them untouchable. On the contrary, the best way to honour special memories is to continue making them. By using the fancy china set your great-grandmother used to drink tea from to throw a monthly tea party with your little princess, you keep those memories alive.

Pictures and home videos are some of the most valuable memories you will possess. While it is always a smart decision to make digital copies, there is something special about flipping through a photo album you can hold in your hands.

Pack rats: organize, store, and surround yourself to your hearts’ content!

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