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How Can Self-Storage Help You Be Green?

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At Budget Self Storage, we are environmentally conscious, and we are aware of our carbon footprint. Self storage often gets a bad rap from main stream recyclers, but we believe that our service can help you and your family live greener.


1. Downsizing

We help people who find themselves heating an unreasonably large house not for their comfort, but for their stuff. They don’t need all the space they have, and yet they find themselves unable or unwilling to part with their treasures. By safely storing valuables with us, our clients can downsize, cutting down on oil and electricity consumption.

2. The First Step to Minimalist Living

No matter the size of your house, the more clutter you have, the more difficult it is to create functioning systems for recycling, solar energy, gardening, etc. By giving people a temporary (or long term) place to store their “want but do not need” stuff, we are allowing them the freedom to see where they can make real changes in their homes, leading to greener choices and simpler living.

3. Partnerships

We are constantly on the lookout for new partners to help us create sustainable, environmentally conscious storage solutions for our clients. We are currently partnered with Greenhawk who are offering free gently used boxes and wrap for our clients.

4. Reusables

Using the self-storage option allows you to avoid throwing items in the garbage that will be reused in the future, but that might not fit in your space at the moment. Everything from seasonal items to crafting supplies can be stored with us!

How about you? Any suggestions for sustainable storage solutions?

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