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How Budget Storage Helps with Every Stage of Business:

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Different stages of business development have different needs – but one thing is certain: every business can benefit from Budget Storage.

mail-roomJust Beginning?

You’re the ultimate consumer – you need all the bells, whistles, and shiny new things to make your business grow at the speed of light, but you need to keep them somewhere, right? Then you start to notice that the clutter has taken over, and packed into your little 14×14 space, or worse, your home office, you’ll find merchandise, business cards that didn’t come out right, boxes and boxes of stuff you were sure you needed at the time. And that clutter spreads until it’s practically an extra employee – one who takes up all your time (Where are your keys? Oh, underneath that pile of random papers you have no room to file!) and doesn’t do anything productive.

Budget gives you space on a month-to-month basis while you settle into your new routines. You have access any time, with owners on-call 24/7.

We give you the space to breathe, organize, and get your systems in place, and even offer flexibility to move to bigger or smaller spaces as your needs change over time – all without having to take on ridiculously expensive long-term leases.

Gearing Up for Growth?Business Storage Solutions

Depending on your business type, you still likely need room for proper amounts of merchandise, but you’ve outgrown your humble beginnings and find yourself needing to branch out. If you’re leaping from a home office to a storefront or from a one person operation to a group setting, you don’t need all the extras taking up that valuable real estate. Everything you don’t use on a weekly (or monthly) basis can go right into storage, keeping your office space available for income-generating employees rather than dust-bunny-generating “stuff.” And now that you have more clients, you’re going to want a nice, clean, non-tornado-style office to present your best self.

Everything from extra filing boxes and cabinets to old (but maybe useful someday) tech to those office supplies you just HAD to buy in bulk to save money can all fit comfortably into your unit, with access whenever you need.

We give you the breathing room to focus on your big projects, your people, and your business growth. And we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Self-Storage Business 1

Solid and Stable?

Once your business has been running for years, you might find that you have more clutter, old versions of manuals, files, and other office detritus than you realize. These little pieces add up quickly, and can detract from your office’s atmosphere and your employees’ morale.

Physical copies of historic files and excess offices supplies are a burden your office does not have to bear. Self-storage can hold the excess, leaving more room for your employees and the items you use each day.

The most common culprits for businesses that have been around for years are:

  • Back-up or excess inventory
  • Cleaning or janitorial supplies
  • Excess or unused office furniture
  • Holiday or seasonal decorations
  • Paper products and surplus office supplies
  • Seldom used files and records
  • Unused electronics

And no matter what stage your business is in, you can rest easy that your storage unit is looked after with 24/7 security, access, and owners who want you to have the best experience possible.


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