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Tips for Vehicle Storage

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Did you know Budget offers storage for vehicles, large and small? We have the capacity, the security, and the service you need when looking to store your most valuable toys! Seasonal storage for snowmobiles, specialty cars, seadoos - you name it!  If you plan to leave your vehicle stationary for more than a few weeks

Budget Packing Tips!

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Looking to make a big move? Whether you’ve hired a moving company or are planning to do the work yourself, you need a plan. Get your boxes, tape, markers, labels, and pens ready…it’s GO TIME. People will look at you like you’re a bit nuts, but the first step to a seamless move is to

How Can Self-Storage Help You Be Green?

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At Budget Self Storage, we are environmentally conscious, and we are aware of our carbon footprint. Self storage often gets a bad rap from main stream recyclers, but we believe that our service can help you and your family live greener. We help people who find themselves heating an unreasonably large house not for their

Storing Your Photos

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What material possessions would you save if your house was on fire? Most people would put family photos - especially old, inherited photos of those we have lost - at the top of the list. And even in today's digital age, there is something special about keeping that original image, exactly as it was: a piece

4 Major Celebrity Storage Discoveries!

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Over the years, millions of abandoned storage lockers have been opened. These storage lockers can be time capsules, showing us what their owners felt was worth saving. And sometimes...well, sometimes these findings can show us more than a person's past. Sometimes they can be gifts from an entire generation. Never-released Michael Jackson tunes. Not all strange finds