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4 Major Celebrity Storage Discoveries!

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Over the years, millions of abandoned storage lockers have been opened. These storage lockers can be time capsules, showing us what their owners felt was worth saving. And sometimes…well, sometimes these findings can show us more than a person’s past. Sometimes they can be gifts from an entire generation.

Not every weird discovery is worth money...

Not every weird discovery is worth money…

Never-released Michael Jackson tunes.

Not all strange finds are bad ones. Over 250 original songs by Michael Jackson were once found in a storage unit belonging to his father, Joe Jackson. The songs some of which were recorded with Tina Turner were apparently recorded while Michael was between contracts. That means that no recording companies had a legal claim to the songs, reportedly worth millions of dollars making the lucky buyer a Smooth Criminal.

Aretha Franklin’s clothes.

After a fire in her home, Franklin apparently used a Michigan storage unit to keep her clothing and hats safe. However, she eventually stopped paying for the unit, and her iconic wardrobe was sold to the highest bidder. Even the fabulous fashions of the Queen of Soul weren’t immune to the auctioneer’s hammer, sending the lucky bidder home with her legendary wardrobe.

A treasure trove of Burt Reynolds’ weird belongings.

Some of the many oddities found in Burt Reynolds’ storage unit include a horse carriage built by Dolly Parton, a framed letter from Burt’s doctor about a 1955 surgery on his spleen, the bill of sale for Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger, and the canoe from the 1972 movie Deliverance. And that’s only the start of it. There was so much weird stuff in Burt’s storage unit that its contents formed the basis for a kitschy celebrity museum in Florida.

A million-dollar comic book belonging to Nicholas Cage.

Back in 2000, Nicholas Cage filed a police report after an extremely rare comic book was stolen from his home in Los Angeles. More than a decade later, the comic book (Action Comics #1 worth more than a million dollars) turned up in an abandoned storage unit. The man who purchased the storage unit at auction contacted a comic book dealer, who happened to have been the same person to have originally sold Cage the book. He recognized it instantly, and Nicholas Cage has reportedly been reunited with his comic book.

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